An ancient colossal creature is accidentally awakened by mankind, and seemingly leaves nothing but destruction in its wake, as its presence becomes known to the world.

Detailed Descriptions of New Godzilla (2014) Footage Shown at SXSW + MUTO Name Revealed!

Author: Chris Picard | Mar-12-2014 4:27 PM

In addition to a screening of the 1954 original Gojira, director Gareth Edwards and Legendary treated attendees with a sneak peek at a scene from Godzilla (2014). The scene is undoubtedly similar to that of what was shown at SDCC 2013, and revealed a full body shot of Godzilla as he makes land on Hawaii, before initiating a Monster brawl with the myserious MUTO Monster, which we now know is named “Hokmuto”, according to accounts by those who saw the footage. We learn that the MUTO / Hokmuto feeds off of Nuclear energy and first attacks Hawaii, destroying an airport. Below is a full recollection of one attendee, Drew from HitFix, check out the description below:

Obviously, one scene is not enough to judge how the new film will be as a whole, but it was a careful chosen moment from a key sequence in the film that features what feels like the first full reveal of Godzilla in the film. It takes place about 40 pages into the script, in Hawaii, where a military team has tracked a monster called the Hokmuto to where it is feeding on nuclear submarines.

The military isn’t alone, though. Onboard the USS Harry Truman, the character Honda, played by Ken Watanabe, is the first to notice something heading towards the aircraft carrier in the water. On the shore, tourists notice that something’s wrong, and it’s more than just the dense military presence offshore and in the sky overhead.

There’s a monorail train near the airport where Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) is riding in from his flight, and he’s watching a Japanese boy named Ichiro. Ford also sees the heavier-than-normal military presence, and it worries him.

Things start to go crazy almost immediately. The power all over Honolulu starts to go out, trapping Ford and Ichiro and the other passengers. Tourists begin to flee when they realize there’s a tsunami-sized wave rolling in from offshore. And Honda watches as something swims under the aircraft carrier, heading for landfall.

Several of the shots from the new trailer for the film are from this one sequence, and we keep seeing hints of Godzilla, pieces of him, a tail as he heads behind a building or part of his body as he passes by or his giant dorsal fins cutting through the water.

As the wave smashes through downtown Honolulu, the Hokmuto arrives at the airport, and it begins to smash the monorail tracks. Ford manages to save Ichiro, but just barely, and it looks like everyone at the airport is in danger as the creature smashes its way around the tarmac. There’s an incredible tracking shot inside the airport, looking out through giant glass panels at the Hokmuto smashing airplanes and causing panic, and it’s only as the camera stops that we see two very large feet, dwarfing the Hokmuto, step into frame.

The shot ends as the camera pans up the full length of Godzilla’s body, finally revealing him in all his pissed-off glory, and as he roars a challenge, the Hokmuto screeching its own challenge back at him, the clip finally cut to black.

To add, Brian Walton over at Nerdist had a few extra descriptions to share about the footage, which you can read below as well:

Soldiers begin firing on Godzilla. The bullets aren’t just ineffectual, they’re completely unnoticed by the behemoth. As Godzilla moves through the city towards a definitive target, he leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, his tail disappearing behind a skyscraper.

In the Hawaiian jungle, a team of commandos is investigating the location of an unknown bogey that has put a nuclear submarine deep in the heart of the island. Word is they’ve located the monster.

We return to the Honolulu airport just as the power is being restored to the tram. The crowd on the train has a brief moment of relief  before all awesome holy hell breaks loose. The tram is thrown from its tracks by a massive Kaiju that stylistically looks like a combination of a mosquito and the Cloverfield monster. It looks like this is the creature the government had a bead on over the radio.

The tram dangles precariously as Aaron Taylor-Johnson reaches out to save his young ward. But even if he does, who will stop the creature destroying the airport? Who the hell do you think? In a pretty heroic reveal for a character that has already caused mass destruction in his own right, the King of All Monsters steps up to put a smack down. With a massive roar, we get our first full look at the original big bad ass. And he is gorgeous! A perfectly updated look of Toho’s creation stands before us. Massive trunk legs and all. Cut to black. The crowd is immediately on its feet. In Gareth we trust.

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